Mariska van IJzerloo - Director People & Organization, Ampelmann


Ampelmann is smaller and more entrepreneurial company than the companies I have worked for before. When I recognized the need for leadership development, I realized immediately that the program we would design would need to have a strong connection with the business and its entrepreneurship.


We worked on that ‘Ampelmann heart beat’ very closely with Marieke van der Giessen and her TWWWI team (Coen, Barbara and other guest faculty). The ‘Leading Growth’ program that resulted was as closely connected as possible. Best example is the reorganization that emerged half away through the program. Marieke and team did not walk away when things got tough. They helped us prepare for difficult and courageous management conversations. Marieke helped the MT members navigate the reorganization. That created a lot of trust. All in all I feel we really got the max out of the one main leadership initiative that was possible. All smaller side activities that grew from the program supported our organization further.


January 2018

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